Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunny Days are here again :)

Oh it is so nice to have sun shining and warmer weather... I know its too early for spring to fully be here but I say bring it on!
I just got back from Zachs 'talent' show that his Chorus class put on. His group sang Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. Zach could not keep a straight face but I did here him sing bass. Next we get to go see the guidance counsellor to sign up for next years classes. I can't believe he is going to be in grade 9! It's crazy... all my boys are growing up. It is a much different life having teenage boys than it was having all toddlers. I miss those days... sometimes... but I am actually really enjoying the whole Young men thing. Time goes by and I don't want to think I wasted it on wishing things never changed.
I am totally putting off going to my little sewing room to finish some tag blankets, it gets tedious after like the 5th one but I want to have a nice variety for the Arts festival boutique which happens to be only like 10 days away! Yikes I better go and get something done :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not quite a year

Okay so it's been awhile... but not quite a year so I see that as a positive thing right?
I am trying not to panic about the crack in the pool and the horribly muddy backyard that we have although my dog Charlie's footprints are a continual reminder of how desperately we need to get some grass down and then I look out back and remember that the really dumb idea I had to try and regrade the yard myself using a shovel and rototiller really did not work and I cut a line to something and will only find out what it connects to will happen once we get the pool up and running which then brings me right back to the fact that the pool has a crack in it and is slowly losing water so because it is so low we can't have the safety cover on it so I start to panic even more. It is a cruel, cruel world I live in.
I just want to run away from it all and start over somewhere else.
Does anybody want to buy a house for more than its worth??