Monday, August 16, 2010


We just had a big black cloud blow over us with rain and thunder... it's actually on the cooler side outside right now! Storms blow in and out so fast here!!
I have learned after almost 5 years of living in a desert to appreciate the rain... the first year I moved here... we were asked to pray for rain because it had been so dry and i have to admit I just couldn't do it... now it feels so good!
After living on Vancouver Island for so long the dreary rainy days made me long for 4 seasons, that is definitely one thing I love about Utah! We have beautiful springs and falls, winters are a little drawn out and summers go by too fast but we get a little bit of everything and the sun always seems to come out to brighten my mood :)
I've had a lot of storms in my life but having my boys is like having sun in my pocket... I just need to look at any one of them and they can make me smile :)
Storms can clear the air and leave everything smelling clean and fresh or they can leave a huge mess behind, just like changes in our life and I have had my fair share of changes to adjust to! The most recent being that I have been called as the Young Women President in my ward... yes you read that right... the president... Exactly what I thought too Lol I am under no illusion that the Bishop has any idea what he is doing, so I am just running with it... whether or not this will be a fresh start or a complete mess I am going to jump in with both feet and try and enjoy the ride. You all know how much I have wanted a girl... now I'll have almost 40! You never know how the Lord will answer your prayers :) I had my orientation from the former Pres and i am doing my best not to freak out but I can't seem to find enough chocolate to eat so I am thinking I might not be handling it as well as I would like too!!
So as my summer winds down a new adventure begins!!
Wish me luck :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer 2010

I can't believe summer is almost over. School starts on the 24th of this month and I am not ready to send my boys back!!
It has been quite the ride though, from the Smith Anniversary, to my moms visit, to camping at Palisades and everything in between it's been quite eventful.
I had the best visit with my mom, she really is a super lady, has had a lot of hard stuff thrown at her and she just keeps up her positive attitude and love for life. We had so much fun just laying in bed all morning talking and crying and laughing! Making meals, (loved the Hodge Podge!) remembering the past, excited about the future! More talking and laughing and crying! Even though we have lived thousand of miles apart for almost 20 years she has become one of my best friends. I can't wait until we can visit again :) I just hope I don't have to wait as long this time!
Our camping trip was alot of fun, mostly because we had John and the kids there and the location was just perfect, beautiful reservoir to swim in, with a dock to swim out to and be play some pretty crazy 'games' on! We rented a couple of peddle boats the last day and the kids spent the whole afternoon out on them, ... except for a couple of hours when a huge storm blew in with thunder and lightening so they hunkered down under the Quick Shade and waited it out while I had a really good nap!!
Smores every night and really yummy breakfasts and suppers. Some crazy storms that blew by but gave us spectacular sunsets! A few bugbites, a couple of sunburnt faces and one burnt finger so really a very successful camping trip for the Smith and Clarke families :)
The day we got back we unloaded the van, and went our seperate ways, Brenna and I went to Park City for Ave's soccer tournament, plans to hit the outlet stores between games and just chill with a good ebook got sidetracked as Ave twisted/sprained his ankle during the first half of the first game so we came home earlier than planned.
Now football is in full force for Ben, Steve got wrangled into helping coach and school is looming around the corner!
I am going to miss my summer!
Little nervous about the fall....