Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunny Days are here again :)

Oh it is so nice to have sun shining and warmer weather... I know its too early for spring to fully be here but I say bring it on!
I just got back from Zachs 'talent' show that his Chorus class put on. His group sang Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. Zach could not keep a straight face but I did here him sing bass. Next we get to go see the guidance counsellor to sign up for next years classes. I can't believe he is going to be in grade 9! It's crazy... all my boys are growing up. It is a much different life having teenage boys than it was having all toddlers. I miss those days... sometimes... but I am actually really enjoying the whole Young men thing. Time goes by and I don't want to think I wasted it on wishing things never changed.
I am totally putting off going to my little sewing room to finish some tag blankets, it gets tedious after like the 5th one but I want to have a nice variety for the Arts festival boutique which happens to be only like 10 days away! Yikes I better go and get something done :)