Monday, July 19, 2010

Almost here!!

I have been tidying, vacuuming, cleaning and doing wash all day so my house is almost ready for when my mom comes! Yeah so excited... so don't want to cry when I see her!
If I could get the boys to stop eating for a minute the kitchen would be done too but that will never happen. I would have been leaving for the airport right now but it looks like her plane is about 1 hour late and I am so done with housework... so I am just hanging out listening to my boys and some neighborhood friends jam out downstairs.
Who knew I would not mind at all the noise... I mean music... that comes from drums, electric bass and guitar all hooked up to amps and pedals. Not only don't I mind, I actually like it! It makes me happy to hear them work together and really they are pretty good :) I wish they would do it more!
I've been thinking alot about my family and how sad it is that I have three adorable nieces that I have never even met... I don't even remember the last time we were all together. Why does the world have to be so big?
It is always bittersweet when I have Steve's family visit for the summer... This time we got them all at once for Gramma and Grampa Smiths 50th wedding anniversary. We got a big group shot and individual family pics. Sherry Ward was our photographer check her out at She even came to our picnic and took a buttload of candids too. We all can't wait to see them... she's posted a couple of teasers on her blog and it's killing us!! We had a neat program in the evening and boy we got some talented kids! It was so fun to watch the cousins just love spending time together, every minute... whether it was just watching TV or playing cards or in a circle outside playing games. Every body got along so well. I just loved it. But it also makes me realize how much I miss my family. So I go from being in a fun mood to feeling sorry for myself! My poor sis-in-laws really don't know what to do with me! But fortunately they seem to put up with me and kept inviting me to go places with them :) and boy did we eat and eat and eat! They can shop me under the table though so I past going to Target and Costco like everyday! we are all in agreement that everybody should move closer!
Our house has a most beautiful office... High ceiling, built ins, granite counters, huge desk! So I decided when I had the girls come over to help sew some cute skirts... (still waiting for pics girls!) that I would move everything up from the laundry room to the office. Having the space work double duty is a little difficult but it is so nice to have my machines out and a huge cutting space. It's a work in progress! wish me luck!
Well I am off to pick up my mama from the airport :) Did I tell you that I am so excited!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Forever Young

An old friend of mine, (I say old because we were friends a long time ago... not because he's old!)... just posted that he is putting together an 80's heavy metal list on his Ipod for his 20 year reunion tonight... I'm sorry but when did that happen?? Although I didn't go to his school, we did graduate the same year... 1990! Gulp... and I was totally dating one of his good friends. So I did get to go to his prom... I remember what I wore, super cute, super short, white dress (I now... what was I thinking??)... and how long I had to lay out in the sun on a black shingled roof to get as tanned as my sad pale skin would let me... believe me I payed for that vanity in my 20's when I had to have my nose reconstructed because of skin cancer but that's a whole different post!
I remember getting ready at my dates house and his mom taking pictures and going to the prom in a limousine and being surrounded by tonnes of people I didn't know. That's about it! I don't even have any pictures! It was such a huge graduating class compared to my little catholic all girls school I went to, Holy Angels High, in Sydney, Cape Breton. It makes me sad that we couldn't pull a reunion of our own off this year... plans were being made for almost 2 years and it just seemed to fizzle out. I haven't been back to Cape Breton pretty much since I graduated... one trip up to see my family a year or so later and then they moved back to the valley and I never got back. It makes me sad that time takes memories and friendships away.
I am going to go back with my family one day and show them the beautiful place that I still call home and why I miss it every day... even though its been 20 years!
So I hope that my old friends have a fantastic time tonight and that maybe one day we will see each other again. If not, even though I might not have a great memory for details, I do remember the feelings... Excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and pure joy...
I was so lucky that I had really great friends and I loved every second I spent with them... every stake dance, youth conference, temple trip, and the many hours spent driving from Sydney to Cole Harbour, with and without my parents permission tee hee Living so far away and losing touch with so many good friends is just not right! But even though time may have been hard on some of us... (that would be me) we really will stay Forever Young!

Friday, July 16, 2010


It's so strange out there in blogland... it's almost like the twilight zone... you lose track of time and you never remember where you started and how you got to the place your at! My have some fabulous former and current sister-in-laws who keep me entertained and feeling connected;
Julie- (who by the way has almost 500 followers!) and
Becky- I have to find hers... she doesn't post as often as she should but shes a busy mom so I gt it ;)
Of course I have a couple of friends happily blogging too but most have gone private and I have no idea how to tell them I want to read them!
Anyway they all have amazing blogs... so much so that by the time I have finished playing catchup I don't normally have time to write in mine.
Ok that is really kind of a lame excuse... but after spending my day surfing BLogLaND
I feel inspired to start mine again. If it is just for me to write down what is happening or how I am feeling or what I am working on and have it my own personal space to say what I want then that is okay but who doesn't like followers who can comment on my silly thoughts and ideas right?
With all of my adorable nieces and some brave sis-in-laws visiting on the Smith side I turned our office into a sewing room and we whipped up skirts... okay it took like 6 or 7 hours and we didn't quite get them all finished that night... but it was super fun and the end products were so great that it really was worth every second. I could have played with them every day! and sadly not even one picture was taken so I hope they will all send me one wearing their skirts. We also got together one night and burned a butt load of flowers at grammas house... all the girls are so creative and put their own spin on everything they did... really how did I not get a girl?? And all of my brothers got one and even two??? So not fair :( I mean really... I love love love my boys but I don't ever want to see them wearing skirts and puttin flowers in their hair.
Now that everyone has gone back home I get to have a couple of days to get my house together cause I get to have my mom come visit for the first time since I got married over 6 years ago! So excited... I have been fortunate enough to have seen her at the Palmyra pageant 3 summers ago and a quick 2 day trip up to vancouver island when my sis came home from Thailand so I think she might be surprised... well not too surprised since she saw all of her 7 children grow up... but geez... Ave is almost 6'3", Zach is starting 10th grade and Sam is growing like a weed now I barely recognize him! Ben although getting taller and more handsome everyday... you should see his piercing blue eyes, is still my sweet, helpful, thoughtful Ben and well, Seth is Seth... 4 1/2 and still ruler of the house since the day he was born really :)
Well I am trying to pull myself away so I can get at least 3 loads of laundry out of the 8 or more, still haven't gone up to Zachs room, that needs to be done... maybe I'll do better this time at keeping on task.
Wish me luck and I'll see you all later in BLogLaNd