Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's over!!

Jenny and Eddies wedding was really nice, she looked stunning and he looked handsome and they both looked happy. We are all wishing them the best as they start their life out in sunny South Carolina. Mama Smiths house looked amazing! Those Smith's really know how to throw a party. And even though I really didn't do anything. I was glad to not have to help the day of the wedding, I just needed to make sure the 20 or so cousins kept out of the house but then the Big Boys ended up taking care of that so i went home and crashed for like 2 hours and Karen, Julie, Becky and Malinda totally took up the slack. It was so fun having everyone around. I wish we didn't live so far away, the cousins just have an unending enthusiasm for mishief and fun and I love watching them play and play and play. So it's back to my boring life once again. The boys are all back in school and Ave is having daily soccer practices and i have to come up with something to do for Cubs, I am going to try Malinda and Julies idea as I think it is time for a fun craft.
It's been fun having the wedding because it really brought back all of the memories of mine. i had a beautiful wedding. Steve was so handsome in his tux... oh my gosh he looked good! The boys were so little then too, I look at the pictures and I can't believe its been almost 4 years, they are all growing up too fast. Ben was just a little older than Seth is now!! I love to think about my day, I loved my dress and the cake and the flowers and my bouquet was so pretty. Bishop Paas did such a great job, making Steve say Yes three times before he would accept it LOL The only thing missing was my family. But having them all email me was a pretty amazing feat so i can't complain too much :) yup good times good times


Heather said...

"Ave is having daily soccer practices", Does this mean he's made the team or still part of the try outs.

The Smith Family said...

It was such a fun wedding! Thanks aging for letting me and my people stay with you!