Monday, August 16, 2010


We just had a big black cloud blow over us with rain and thunder... it's actually on the cooler side outside right now! Storms blow in and out so fast here!!
I have learned after almost 5 years of living in a desert to appreciate the rain... the first year I moved here... we were asked to pray for rain because it had been so dry and i have to admit I just couldn't do it... now it feels so good!
After living on Vancouver Island for so long the dreary rainy days made me long for 4 seasons, that is definitely one thing I love about Utah! We have beautiful springs and falls, winters are a little drawn out and summers go by too fast but we get a little bit of everything and the sun always seems to come out to brighten my mood :)
I've had a lot of storms in my life but having my boys is like having sun in my pocket... I just need to look at any one of them and they can make me smile :)
Storms can clear the air and leave everything smelling clean and fresh or they can leave a huge mess behind, just like changes in our life and I have had my fair share of changes to adjust to! The most recent being that I have been called as the Young Women President in my ward... yes you read that right... the president... Exactly what I thought too Lol I am under no illusion that the Bishop has any idea what he is doing, so I am just running with it... whether or not this will be a fresh start or a complete mess I am going to jump in with both feet and try and enjoy the ride. You all know how much I have wanted a girl... now I'll have almost 40! You never know how the Lord will answer your prayers :) I had my orientation from the former Pres and i am doing my best not to freak out but I can't seem to find enough chocolate to eat so I am thinking I might not be handling it as well as I would like too!!
So as my summer winds down a new adventure begins!!
Wish me luck :)

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Sarah-Lynn said...

Wow, 40 girls!? That's a lot!!!! I can imagine that you would feel overwhelmed, but I know that you'll be awesome and you're obviously just what those young women need!