Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Flu

Ask me if I am happy? Really... I actually had a good sleep last night(which is a huge thing for me since I am a total insomniac) and I even got to sleep in. Sounds great so far right? Well around 8 Steve came in and woke me up, I have to admit I was a little annoyed, and he asks me in a very loud voice "Did you notice that I was up all night throwing up?" Now is that the way to start the morning? So we appear to have the stomach flu going around. Now the worst part is that Steve can have no contact with Seth. I am not sure why he thinks that is fair since anytime I am sick not only do I have to take care of Seth all day, I am expected to do all of my regular daytime stuff too. I guess its my punishment for taking a break yesterday and going out on my own. It's gotta be a mothers curse I suppose. I am contemplating keeping every one home from church so that if it does go through anybody else we can't be blamed. Sigh... I really did have a good sleep, maybe God knew that I needed to have some stored up strength for the next few days. Wish us luck!


Heather said...

Hope your day ends better than it started. The clean up of Vomit or baby powder. I choose baby powder.

Karey said...

the flu is going around bad here right now. touch wood i haven't gotten it yet. that was probably the kiss of death right there :) by the way i'm glad you started a blog again.