Friday, July 16, 2010


It's so strange out there in blogland... it's almost like the twilight zone... you lose track of time and you never remember where you started and how you got to the place your at! My have some fabulous former and current sister-in-laws who keep me entertained and feeling connected;
Julie- (who by the way has almost 500 followers!) and
Becky- I have to find hers... she doesn't post as often as she should but shes a busy mom so I gt it ;)
Of course I have a couple of friends happily blogging too but most have gone private and I have no idea how to tell them I want to read them!
Anyway they all have amazing blogs... so much so that by the time I have finished playing catchup I don't normally have time to write in mine.
Ok that is really kind of a lame excuse... but after spending my day surfing BLogLaND
I feel inspired to start mine again. If it is just for me to write down what is happening or how I am feeling or what I am working on and have it my own personal space to say what I want then that is okay but who doesn't like followers who can comment on my silly thoughts and ideas right?
With all of my adorable nieces and some brave sis-in-laws visiting on the Smith side I turned our office into a sewing room and we whipped up skirts... okay it took like 6 or 7 hours and we didn't quite get them all finished that night... but it was super fun and the end products were so great that it really was worth every second. I could have played with them every day! and sadly not even one picture was taken so I hope they will all send me one wearing their skirts. We also got together one night and burned a butt load of flowers at grammas house... all the girls are so creative and put their own spin on everything they did... really how did I not get a girl?? And all of my brothers got one and even two??? So not fair :( I mean really... I love love love my boys but I don't ever want to see them wearing skirts and puttin flowers in their hair.
Now that everyone has gone back home I get to have a couple of days to get my house together cause I get to have my mom come visit for the first time since I got married over 6 years ago! So excited... I have been fortunate enough to have seen her at the Palmyra pageant 3 summers ago and a quick 2 day trip up to vancouver island when my sis came home from Thailand so I think she might be surprised... well not too surprised since she saw all of her 7 children grow up... but geez... Ave is almost 6'3", Zach is starting 10th grade and Sam is growing like a weed now I barely recognize him! Ben although getting taller and more handsome everyday... you should see his piercing blue eyes, is still my sweet, helpful, thoughtful Ben and well, Seth is Seth... 4 1/2 and still ruler of the house since the day he was born really :)
Well I am trying to pull myself away so I can get at least 3 loads of laundry out of the 8 or more, still haven't gone up to Zachs room, that needs to be done... maybe I'll do better this time at keeping on task.
Wish me luck and I'll see you all later in BLogLaNd


Laura said...

karen! so happy you are blogging even if it is the first post in over a year. sounds like you guys had so much fun. karey is totally going to copy my skirt and i made a bunch of rosettes to give away at fatima's stagette, so your craftiness has spread far and wide.

also, i remember you saying you only wanted boys--but i guess you will have a lot of daughters-in-law some day. wink wink nudge nudge

Karen said...

It's true! I already have a lot of girls around thanks to my cute Ave... and I'm thinking it really is just the beginning :) Plus as long as I get to craft evey once in awhile with the amount of sister-in-laws I have I should be good :) and I did only want boys because I know what I was like as a teenager and if I did have a girl I don't think I would make it lol

Sarahstottle said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back too!

You are so fun to craft with, I wish I lived closer! Sounds like you've had a lot of company. I think Laura and I started the ball rolling and it seems it hasn't stopped! Tracy also copied my skirt and I know Bethany is eager to learn how too. You have pretty amazing boys, they are wonderful. I always wanted you to have a girl too. I wonder if I'll have all boys. If they're anything like yours, I'll be good with that.

A Vintage Chic said...

Me again! I wish I was more of a seamstress--I'll have to get you to inspire me with that next time! Such fun memories with the flower-making night!

I can't tell you, Karen, how much it meant to my girls that you took so much time with them and their skirts--they really loved it, and they really love you. They--especially Sarah--keep talking about that. Thanks so much! That's the kind of thing that really makes wonderful memories.

I'll take pictures of them in their skirts today. Wish us luck today--Roger is emotional already! He'll feel better when it's all over, I think. Love you!