Saturday, July 17, 2010

Forever Young

An old friend of mine, (I say old because we were friends a long time ago... not because he's old!)... just posted that he is putting together an 80's heavy metal list on his Ipod for his 20 year reunion tonight... I'm sorry but when did that happen?? Although I didn't go to his school, we did graduate the same year... 1990! Gulp... and I was totally dating one of his good friends. So I did get to go to his prom... I remember what I wore, super cute, super short, white dress (I now... what was I thinking??)... and how long I had to lay out in the sun on a black shingled roof to get as tanned as my sad pale skin would let me... believe me I payed for that vanity in my 20's when I had to have my nose reconstructed because of skin cancer but that's a whole different post!
I remember getting ready at my dates house and his mom taking pictures and going to the prom in a limousine and being surrounded by tonnes of people I didn't know. That's about it! I don't even have any pictures! It was such a huge graduating class compared to my little catholic all girls school I went to, Holy Angels High, in Sydney, Cape Breton. It makes me sad that we couldn't pull a reunion of our own off this year... plans were being made for almost 2 years and it just seemed to fizzle out. I haven't been back to Cape Breton pretty much since I graduated... one trip up to see my family a year or so later and then they moved back to the valley and I never got back. It makes me sad that time takes memories and friendships away.
I am going to go back with my family one day and show them the beautiful place that I still call home and why I miss it every day... even though its been 20 years!
So I hope that my old friends have a fantastic time tonight and that maybe one day we will see each other again. If not, even though I might not have a great memory for details, I do remember the feelings... Excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and pure joy...
I was so lucky that I had really great friends and I loved every second I spent with them... every stake dance, youth conference, temple trip, and the many hours spent driving from Sydney to Cole Harbour, with and without my parents permission tee hee Living so far away and losing touch with so many good friends is just not right! But even though time may have been hard on some of us... (that would be me) we really will stay Forever Young!


A Vintage Chic said...

Karen! Loved reading this--such great memories! I stupidly laid out on our black trampoline slathered up in baby oil...what weere we thinking?! And even sadder? My HS graduation was 1980! YIKES!!!

So glad you started up your blog'll love it! I miss you--thanks for putting up with our craziness for so long!

Can't wait to see all the beautiful things you'll be creating--this will be a great place to show it! Love you tons, Karen!


A Vintage Chic said...

P.S. Get some of those gorgeous new family photos of you guys on here!