Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was Seth's first day of Preschool and he was a champ! We've been talking about it all summer and he was ready to go! Buzz Lightyear backpack, hair spiked up and running shoes on! He looked so so cute! He has had a cold for almost 2 weeks now so I thought he might have to miss it but I looked up the rules and unless he has a cough, fever or thrown up in the last 24 hours he is allowed to come. But now I have his cold and I just want to crawl into bed for the rest of the day. I hate getting sick! Why is it that when the kids get sick they can function yet my nose starts running and my body feels like it's been hit by a truck! I've been taking my Essential Oil blends and getting enough rest and even exercising and I still catch what ever goes around... so annoying!
With going back to school comes the strict schedules of morning and afternoon... morning consists of getting everybody up, showered, (which is no small feet when you have 5 boys who wake up at the same time and only 2 showers!) fed, scriptures, prayer and out the door. Then when they all get home its all about how much food they can eat before they need to go to a practice or a game.
Just a glimpse of what my calender looks like for Saturday....
Seth-Soccer game @ 8am
Ben- Football Game @ 10:30am
Sam- Fencing Tournament@ 8am and 7pm
Zach- Lacrosse game x2 in South Jordan (ask me how I am going to get him there?)
Ave- Soccer game @ 12:30
Oh and Ave writes his ACT test in the morning and Zach has a 3 hour landscaping job to complete too!
Welcome Fall!!!


Laura said...

all i can say is oi.

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, my sweet Seth in school--how is this possible???

And your Saturday schedule, my dear? WHAT????? Wish I was around to help you out with the run around! So glad the girls are both in high school this year--it really helps!

Love you, Karen...hope you feel better quick!


Sarahstottle said...

Wow, that is really busy. It's good busy though, right? Did you take a picture of Seth all ready for school?? I bet it was cute. As for colds- totally know what you mean. I had one last week and I just didn't want to unpack.